Polish National Soccer Team

[Foot] The Polska Lithuania Game of Balls

Long time I didn’t shoot soccer. Actually I shot three types of organized soccer game. I did photograph championship games, international games and “event” games. The least organized game for the Media and Photographers was definitively the event game between Barcelona and Lechia Gdańsk. They didn’t even have a listing of the accreditations they gave […]

[Volley] France vs Russia – 1:3

Last evening. Last game of France. Last game for me as well. And it was a good game. But Russia was simply better, bigger, taller, more powerful… But France didn’t give up and gave everything they could. It wasn’t enough though. We saw some really great pieces of play from both team. 25-17 17-25 25-22 […]

[Athletics] The Lost Series

I love that sport. I started when I was 10-11, then I had to stop few years because of some knees problems… Too bad. I went back to sport with Baseball, and then I did Athletics too. Actually for few years I was into sports a lot, training every day, Baseball, Athletics, and vice versa. […]