Sweetcorn and Coconut Milk Soup with Popcorn and Coriander

Ingredient for 8 peoples:

1kg sweetcorn kernels (fresh or frozen)
50cl cream
50cl milk
1l coconut milk
Ground white pepper
A handful of popcorn
Fresh coriander
Freshly ground black pepper



Now, let’s do this soup. It’s a very easy one. Just note that if you can’t find fresh or frozen sweet corn kernels, you can use tinned ones, you will just have to wash them in clear cold water before use.

So, let’s put nearly everything in a big pot. The kernels (just keep a handfull for later use), cream, milk and coconut milk. Bring to the boil, reduce heat and let simmer for 30 minutes. Then process in a blender or with a mixer. Normally, at work, I then strain the soup through a sieve to remove all skins. It’s up to you.

When the soup is strained, I put it back on the pot and season it with salt and white pepper. I add the kernels I kept aside earlier and warm it up a little.

Meanwhile, make some popcorn. Not a lot, just for decoration. I used Coriander for this soup, but you can use spring onions or any kind of fresh herbs if you like. Coriander gives better results, that’s all.

Now serve the soup, with the popcorn, the freshly ground black pepper and the Coriander. Enjoy.

The soup is a little on the sweet side, I love it. It’s rich as well. Children should love it too.


Now, you can do a lot of things with that basic recipe. Add lemongrass, process the soup with much more Coriander, use vegetables Knorr cubes, or real vegetable stock… Sky is your limit. Cooking is a question of experimentation and curiosity. Don’t be stuck with a recipe, with an ingredient you don’t like (of course, if you don’t like sweet corn here, it’s a problem), have fun while cooking. Don’t stress.

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