Good France 2018

Good France 2018.

Our first edition in Mnie to Rybka.

Verrine of Avocado & Cilantro Cream, Tartar of Gravalax with Citrus and Avocado, Smoked Salmon Mousse

Carpaccio of Sea Bream, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Chilli, Lime Juice, Lime, Avocado Relish, Sea Salt

Cured & Grilled Duck Fillet, Orange Sauce, Buckwheat Pilaf, Glazed Carrots, Cauliflower Purée with Brown Butter

Plates of French Cheese and Their Chutney – Roquefort, Crottin de Chavignol, Camembert

Mojito Mini Tart, Meringue, Rhum Sorbet

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The Gault & Millau 2017 – North of Poland Awards Event


As the head chef of Cyrano & Roxane in Sopot, I entered the yellow guide in 2016. With a note of 11.5/20, I think it was a nice surprise. It’s some kind of recognition for all the staff in the kitchen.

Well, may be I should write a word or two about the yellow guide.

We call it the yellow guide. Like we call the Michelin guide the red guide. It’s the Gault & Millau. A very influential french restaurant guide created in 1965 by 2 french critics. They give points – maximum is 20 – based on the quality of food, they also comment on everything else, but the actual notation is only about food, unlike the red guide that gives rewards based on everything in the restaurant. They also give toques, up to 5, to high ranking restaurants.

The other difference with the red guide is their different idea of gastronomy. While the Michelin guide was more concerned about tradition, the Gault & Millau preferred to emphasize on the Nouvelle Cuisine.

For some people, the Gault & Millau is more purist as they only regard the quality of the food.

They created the polish yellow guide in 2015. And since, the number of restaurants in the guide is increasing. Which is understandable. Since I arrived here 10 years ago, I saw a great number of very good restaurants opening. At that time we didn’t know where to go as the choice was bad, now we still don’t know where to go because the offer is so huge…


So last Monday was the second edition of the Gault & Millau Tour for Northern Poland. It was organized in Szafarnia 10 in Gdańsk. 5 hours with presentations, culinary demonstrations from awarded chefs, drink & food tasting, discussions… A nice place to meet fellow chefs and check out what is trending – a little – on the polish gastronomic scene.

As I’m more of a sea food and fish kinda guy, I really loved the Trout Tartar made by Mariusz Siwak – lovely combination of structures and taste – and the Scallops Course made by Iwona Niemczewska. I didn’t have the time to try the Scallops Tartar made by Sebastian Krauzowicz as everybody jumped on it. Too bad, it looked very appetizing.


Chef of the Year
Sebastian Krauzowicz, Sfera by Krauzowicz, Toruń

Young Talent
Krzysztof Bielawski, Szeroka 9, Toruń

Chef of Tomorrow
Mariusz Siwak, Park Hotel, Szczecin

Woman Chef of the Year
Iwona Niemczewska, Z Drugiej Strony Lustra, Szczecin

Traditional Chef of the Year
Grzegorz Labuda, Szafarnia 10, Gdańsk


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Slow Food Festival in Sopot – 2013 Edition

Today, I took the occasion to shoot some pictures with my brand new 16-35. Finally. I took an hour off, and headed to the longest wooden pier in Europe. In Sopot, that’s right. Because today we had a Slow Food Festival. Numerous restaurants showing us their skills in making good food. There was plenty of people. A lot actually, so many that sometimes it was very difficult to take pictures or grab some food. People were just everywhere.

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Sweetcorn and Coconut Milk Soup with Popcorn and Coriander

Ingredient for 8 peoples:

1kg sweetcorn kernels (fresh or frozen)
50cl cream
50cl milk
1l coconut milk
Ground white pepper
A handful of popcorn
Fresh coriander
Freshly ground black pepper



Now, let’s do this soup. It’s a very easy one. Just note that if you can’t find fresh or frozen sweet corn kernels, you can use tinned ones, you will just have to wash them in clear cold water before use.

So, let’s put nearly everything in a big pot. The kernels (just keep a handfull for later use), cream, milk and coconut milk. Bring to the boil, reduce heat and let simmer for 30 minutes. Then process in a blender or with a mixer. Normally, at work, I then strain the soup through a sieve to remove all skins. It’s up to you.

When the soup is strained, I put it back on the pot and season it with salt and white pepper. I add the kernels I kept aside earlier and warm it up a little.

Meanwhile, make some popcorn. Not a lot, just for decoration. I used Coriander for this soup, but you can use spring onions or any kind of fresh herbs if you like. Coriander gives better results, that’s all.

Now serve the soup, with the popcorn, the freshly ground black pepper and the Coriander. Enjoy.

The soup is a little on the sweet side, I love it. It’s rich as well. Children should love it too.


Now, you can do a lot of things with that basic recipe. Add lemongrass, process the soup with much more Coriander, use vegetables Knorr cubes, or real vegetable stock… Sky is your limit. Cooking is a question of experimentation and curiosity. Don’t be stuck with a recipe, with an ingredient you don’t like (of course, if you don’t like sweet corn here, it’s a problem), have fun while cooking. Don’t stress.

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