[Insta-Recipe] The Veggie Burger Exploration

Let’s make some veggie burgers. It takes more time than to make meat burgers, and a lot more diverse ingredients also. This is my first attempt. And I think that even if the burgers were good, I still can improve the recipe and make something much better. I didn’t really plan to make them yesterday, so I just used what I had at home.


I think that it was a bit too soft and not chewy enough. And even if the taste was good, there was something missing, something that would remind us of meat. A roasty or smoky flavour that is.

But at the end of the day, I can say that making a veggie burger allow us to get more complex flavours and a better experience.

Meat burgers are basically meat, spices and sometimes more ingredient, sometimes – it’s what I’ve noticed over here when I order burgers, they all taste the same – while veggie burgers are a mix of vegetables, grains or cereals, seeds or nuts, spices, eggs or similar, and here you go.

That combined with dressings and buns. You’ll never end exploring the hundreds of hundreds of possible combinations and flavours.

One more thing, you can add some soy proteins. Which I did

Well, I didn’t follow these rules. I didn’t use veggies, just legumes. I didn’t even follow a recipe. I just did as I felt it and with the ingredients I had in hands.

Here is the list of ingredients I used.

Soy Proteins
Dry Peas
Salt & Pepper

I need to improve this recipe, add some nuts and more vegetables. The mixture wasn’t that difficult to shape. Moist enough but not too moist.

I mixed everything together and just pan fried it. Carefully. They are more fragile than real meaty burgers. And everybody loved it. Even my difficult 3 years old son.

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