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Krowarzywa Vegan Burger & Kraków


Krowarzywa Vegan Burger & Kraków


Krowarzywa: Vegan Burger Joint

It’s not that I’m vegan or vegetarian, but I’m not sectarian. And I have nothing against them – unlike some people I know who hates vegan or vegetarians, which I don’t understand. Where is the problem? – So I like to try these kind of places, to try new food, find some new ideas, and enjoy a nice meal also. If you’re a chef, you have to be open minded. Good food is good food, whatever it is.

There is not so many good places where you can eat great vegan or vegetarian food – at least in Tricity. Forget about Green Way or the other one I even forgot the name. Big chain of industrial vegetarian food. It’s so not worth it.

In Tricity, we have Avocado Vegan Bistro which is quite good. I’m pretty sure there is more. I need to look for them.

So in Kraków I tried Krowarzywa. If I understood well, there is also two in Warsaw. They make burgers. They are very busy as I could see – but in that town, all restaurants are very busy, all the time – and the burger I took was very good. With tofu. Service was fast, good, and staff was smiling.

But they should make fries. It’s vegan. And a burger has to be with fries. Could be with normal potatoes, or sweet potatoes, or something as fancy as banana plantain.

NB: Actually, nothing will beat the best vegetarian restaurant in Europe that is located in Cork, Ireland. Cafe Paradiso.



So with my son, we visited Kraków. I took all pictures with my Samsung A5. And as far as I realized, it’s handy, it’s small, it’s fast, but picture quality is not good at all. But what can you do when you have a kid in your arms?

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