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The 2016 Sweet Edition


The 2016 Sweet Edition


So another edition of the Smakuj Trójmiasto, this time the Sweet Edition. With professional and bloggers from the 3City area reunited in Stary Maneż (also well known for their concerts) to share their creations. Some stuff were really nice – you will see below.

Next Events:
19/09: The Meat Edition
23/10: The Asian Edition



Monsieur Armand


Definitively the best Macaroons in North of Poland, even in the whole Poland. It’s in Gdynia, and you should give him a visit and try one of those great little macaroons. I really love his lemon or orange blossom creations. Refreshing and very tasty.

And now, he is also making caramel spreading, (normal, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and hazelnuts).




I don’t know a lot about this restaurant, I didn’t go there yet. But I think I will give it a try, their desserts looked fabulous.



The Rest of the Best

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