[Food] The White Chocolate Ramification

Well, well, well, for the connoisseur, white chocolate is not real chocolate, just a mixture of cocoa butter, milk and sugar. But it can be goddam nice.

Depends on the brand actually. Beside the one I use at work – Callebaut – the best white chocolate available in Poland, at a normal price, is Milka.

I wanted to make it even better, so I just melted it following the tempering rule and I mixed it with corn flakes. I poured it into a plastic rectangular tray and I decorated it with sultanas and salted pistachios – I like a little bit of salt in chocolate, it enhance the taste.

It didn’t last long…

Keep the chocolate at room temperature, unless it’s 30°C. Chocolate taste better at room temperature. If it’s too cold it’s too hard, doesn’t melt quickly enough in your mouth and it tastes nothing. The cold kill the taste.


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