[Beer] The Beers Sublimation

New year, new beers. For the past few weeks I tried so many. I’m going to write about them, slowly, hoping that I won’t drink many more and get way behind time.

New Beers

Well, let’s start with 2 IPA. One made by Browar Kormoran and the other one by Browar Brackie (which, to my surprise, belong to the Żywiec Group, I mean Heineken…).

American IPA by Browar Kormoran


With an IBU of 85, I think that it is the most bitter beer I ever had to try. And yet it didn’t feel so and it was a pleasure to drink. It’s an Indian Pale Ale, you know what it means now. This beer has a very nice amber colour and a medium thick head. Aroma of citrus and may be caramel. Taste is very bitter of course with a little nice maltness – which is may be why it didn’t feel as bitter as its theoretical IBU.

I really loved it. One of the best Polish IPA available actually with the ones from AleBrowar and Pinta. Very drinkable, not as bitter as you would expect as I wrote above. And surely the best Kormoran beer as well. And as usual, not so easy to find. You can’t find it in every shop sadly.


Imperial IPA by Browar Brackie


This IPA is the Grand Champion Birofilia 2013. So I expected it to be a great beer. Better than any Polish IPA I tried so far. And I was quite disappointed. Not that it’s a bad beer, but because it was way too strong in alcohol for me. It spoiled the experience. And taste wasn’t that outstanding. And it wasn’t so bitter actually. Colour is nice as always as it is amber, head is medium. It’s drinkable though. Like I said not a bad beer. Some hoppy and citrus aroma.

If they didn’t win the award, I wouldn’t be disappointed. But as they got it, I really expected something great. And frankly, as I was drinking the beer, I rapidly felt the alcohol. 8.5%. I didn’t expect it because I didn’t read the label that conscientiously before. My bad really. Worth trying again while keeping that in mind.

Compared to the Kormoran above, it’s a little bit behind. But not that much.

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