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The Amber Brewery


The Amber Brewery


It’s by a very nice sunny polish day that my wife and I went to visit a quite small and independent family run brewery – Browar Amber. As a beer addict, not as a photographer. The brewery is located outside Tricity, but not so far. In the countryside, by a narrow road, here it is. You can’t miss it. You can even smell it.

Actually, I shouldn’t write small, but medium sized brewery. Amber is still bigger than Ciechan but way smaller compared to the big gun like Żywiec. For a quick comparison, Ciechan produces about 50.000 hl. a year, Amber 200.000 hl. and Żywiec 4,5 millions hl.

Amber was created in 1994, in Bielkówko, by Andrzej Przybyło, a local farmer. Starting with few beers, they now offer over 15 of them, and they proudly produce the first Slow Food beer so far in PolandŻywe.

60 people work in Amber, office included. Not a lot. The whole process is quite modern, computerized. They also make their own yeast. Hop comes from Lubelskie, south of Poland. Depending on the season, they can produce from 144.000 to 432.000 bottles a day. The same for cans.

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