[Vodka] The Żubrówka Palona Mystery

Normally I don’t drink vodka. I may be living in Poland, I don’t like drinking Vodka the way they do it. It means drinking shots, up the neck, and in a very fast pace. The last time I did drink vodka that way, 5 years ago, I got sick for a whole day after. Not nice. The only vodka I like is Żubrówka. It has a nice taste. Otherwise, for me, they all taste the same. It’s just plain white young alcohol without any character. The opposite of whisky!

Few days ago, I saw a new vodka, made by Żubrówka. It’s called Żubrówka Palona – Aged in oak casks.

The Żubrówka Palona Mystery
The Żubrówka Palona Mystery

I bought a bottle today. It’s 500ml, 34%vol. and costs 26pln (about 6€). The bottle is quite nice, the colour is similar to a whisky, but the taste? Does the aging makes that vodka drinkable and similar to whisky? Hmm, let’s have a nip…

The nose is very rich, full of cherries fruits/stones & bitter almonds, quite interesting. It smells more like a liqueur than a whisky. Which was confirmed with the first gulp. Though the taste is very nice, it is very sweet. And with a 34% vol. alcohol, it doesn’t hit your throat like a whisky does. After a while in the glass, I can even find some nutty notes.

Sweet and fruity vodkas are very popular actually in Poland, it’s the new trend. But as a whisky lover, it doesn’t do it. I won’t say that it’s not a nice drink. But if you like whisky, and thought that a vodka aged in oak casks would make a similar product, you’re wrong. It does improve things, but for me, for my taste, it’s way too sweet and not strong enough.

The Żubrówka Palona Mystery
The Żubrówka Palona Mystery
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11 thoughts

  1. Hello, I live in Poland too, but Piotr i Pawel don’t have it systematically … Where do you buy it ?

  2. Hey im from germany. In germany you can’t buy it. So can you when you live in poland buy it for me and send to me in germany?

  3. Sure. Do you have WhatsApp? Then we can send private messages.
    01772680215. Send me a massage pls.

    1. Sorry, I was only joking.

      I’m not going to send alcohol to someone I don’t know. You could be a child as far as I know.

      Ansd if you live in Germany, I’m sure you can find lots of Poles who would be keen to do the job 🙂

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