[Vodka] New Vodka on the Blocks: Żubrówka Palona

Normally I don’t drink vodka. I may be living in Poland, I don’t like drinking Vodka the way they do it. It means drinking shots, up the neck, and in a very fast pace. The last time I did drink vodka that way, 5 years ago, I got sick for a whole day after. Not nice. The only vodka I like is Żubrówka. It has a nice taste. Otherwise, for me, they all taste the same. It’s just plain white young alcohol without any character. The opposite of whisky!

Few days ago, I saw a new vodka, made by Żubrówka. It’s called Żubrówka Palona – Aged in oak casks.

I bought a bottle today. It’s 500ml, 34%vol. and costs 26pln (about 6€). The bottle is quite nice, the colour is similar to a whisky, but the taste? Does the aging makes that vodka drinkable and similar to whisky? Hmm, let’s have a nip…

The nose is very rich, full of cherries fruits/stones & bitter almonds, quite interesting. It smells more like a liqueur than a whisky. Which was confirmed with the first gulp. Though the taste is very nice, it is very sweet. And with a 34% vol. alcohol, it doesn’t hit your throat like a whisky does. After a while in the glass, I can even find some nutty notes.

Sweet and fruity vodkas are very popular actually in Poland, it’s the new trend. But as a whisky lover, it doesn’t do it. I won’t say that it’s not a nice drink. But if you like whisky, and thought that a vodka aged in oak casks would make a similar product, you’re wrong. It does improve things, but for me, for my taste, it’s way too sweet and not strong enough.

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  1. gliwinski says:

    bonjour, sauriez vous me dire ou trouver CETTE vodka en france????

  2. Jd says:

    Hello, I live in Poland too, but Piotr i Pawel don’t have it systematically … Where do you buy it ?

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