[Recipe] “Bourdaloue” Tart with Peaches

Bourdaloue is a classic french tart. Normally made with Almond Cream and Pears. I don’t like pears, at all. So I decided to use Peaches instead. And I think it’s even better. But can I really call that dessert Bourdaloue Tart now? It would be only half true. But at the same time, in Marseille, I tried a Bourdaloue that was not like a Bourdaloue at all. Even less than mine here!

We can always revisit a dessert, and as I think that version is pretty close to the original one, I go with Bourdaloue.

You need 2 main “ingredients” for this tart. Puff Pastry and Almond Cream. You can follow my quick recipe of puff pastry here or buy one sheet in the shop. It’s up to you. This time I bought one and frankly, it was great.

For the Almond Cream, I have no recollection that you can find some at the shop. So here is a very good recipe. If I remember well enough it’s a Pierre Hermé recipe.

Almond Cream

For enough cream to make 6 small tarts or a big one and still have some cream left
Preparation time: 20 min


  • 250 of soft butter
  • 250 of icing sugar
  • 250g of ground almond, white
  • 5 eggs, room temperature – VERY IMPORTANT!
  • 50ml white rum
  • 50g flour


Whisk the soft butter with the icing sugar until creamy and white. Add in the eggs one by one, whisking quite well each time. Pour in the rum and whisk. Then, add in the ground almond and the flour. And again, whisk well until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous cream.

It’s better to use it as quick as possible, only because it’s soft and like that better to spread on the tarts. But if you make that cream the day before for example, keep it refrigerated. And before use, warm up the cream a little, whisking, until it become soft.

Bourdaloue Tart with Peaches

For 4 small tarts
Preparation time: 10 min
Cooking time: 20-25 min


  • 1 sheet of puff pastry
  • 1 recipe of almond cream (see above)
  • 4 peaches, poached in syrup, bought in the shop



Line the tart mold with the puff pastry. Spread the soft almond cream at the bottom. Don’t put too much. Half the thickness of the mold is enough. If you put too much cream, like you spread it up to the top of the mold, your fruits will disappear after cooking!

So after the cream, it’s time to prepare the fruit. You can slice it like on the pictures, it’s nicer I think. Or you can leave it untouched, it’s really up to you. But when they are sliced, I find it easier to eat, and to cut if you make a big tart…

Cook in a preheated oven, at 180°C for about 25 minutes.

Cool down before service.

Bon Appétit…

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3 thoughts on “[Recipe] “Bourdaloue” Tart with Peaches

  1. Sympa ton blog ! 🙂
    J’ai testé pour la première fois la tarte Bourdaloue avec de la pâte sablée maison et j’ai même poché mes poires moi-même (je deviens motivée depuis que je cherche du boulot), il y a deux semaines… Moi qui suis vraiment nulle de chez nulle (le mot est faible) en pâtisserie, c’était pourtant un régal ! :p

    Ils sont mignons tes moules en forme de cœur ! :p

  2. Oui, la recette classique c’est avec de la pâte sablé, mais je suis un gros fan de la pâte feuilletée 🙂

    Un truc pour la pâtisserie, toujours suivre la recette à la lettre. La pâtisserie c’est quand même plus compliqué que la cuisine.

    Les moules en forme de Coeur, c’est chez DUKA (enfin je crois, j’achète tellement de matos cuisine) – http://www.duka.com/index_2.html

    Merci pour le blog 🙂

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